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Trono Além Morte / Vetala ‎– Split

Trono Além Morte / Vetala ‎– Split
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Trono Além Morte / Vetala ‎– Split
Référence : BMSSSP28
Black vinyl limited to 200 pieces, with black/white cover.
This split features two of the harshest and most haunting Portuguese black metal hordes. Starting off are TRONO ALEM MORTE, who offer two exclusive tracks which breathe a desolate 'n' desperate fury, irascible and irrational, like an endless howling into the void; these tracks preclude their forthcoming debut album in December, to be released at Invicta Requiem Mass III. On the flipside are VETALA, one of the most prolific bands in the nowadays raw Portuguese scene. Their lengthy, 13-minute contribution here continues that hysteric spree of misery, exploring all corners of their boundless dungeon in an almost improvisatory delirium; their Demo IV is forthcoming, so beware.
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