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Blakk Old Blood ‎– Greed

Blakk Old Blood ‎– Greed
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Blakk Old Blood ‎– Greed
Referencia : BLBMSSLP71
Switzerland's Blakk Old Blood continue their campaign of sin with a 12" MLP for Clavis Secretorvm entitled Greed. Blakk Old Blood was originally born in 2012 as a project of experienced and devoted musicians from such bands as Asag, Deathcult, and Antiversum, with the aim to resurrect the old blood & spirit of the black metal they grew up with - names such as Morbid, Treblinka, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Urgehal, and Khold. With that framework firmly in place, in less than a year, Blakk Old Blood had revealed the first of the seven cardinal sins in Pride, which was self-recorded and self-released as a demo consisting of five unholy and Satanic chants. In 2014, the band once again self-recorded and self-released their next tape, Wrath, further developing their traditionalist black metal agenda. At last, they now reveal Greed, fittingly to be released on vinyl by Clavis Secretorvm. Across its four tracks, Blakk Old Blood travel through the depths of moral depravity in sonic form, raging through two tracks of primitive, dead-cold black metal interspersed with a tortured "Intermezzo," and then concluding the record with an exquisitely eerie lament appropriately titled "Seed of Greed," bringing the record to an unsettling close and setting the stage for more sins to come. But Greed is still the beginning for Blakk Old Blood. The band is currently working on the audial manifestation of sloth, with splits already planned with such elite cults as Bölzer and Temple of Perversion. Rest assured: after you drown in Greed, Blakk Old Blood will continue their sinful mission in the old-fashioned way - with tons of energy and, literally, blood!
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