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Black Devotion / Blakk Old Blood - Split

Black Devotion / Blakk Old Blood - Split
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Black Devotion / Blakk Old Blood - Split
Référence : BLBMSSSP21
Clavis Secretorvm is proud to present a special split 7" between two of the black metal underground's most promising new hordes, Switzerland's Blakk Old Blood and the United States' Black Devotion. Blakk Old Blood are up first on Side A, and offer a harsh-yet-headbanging anthem of devotional Satanism in "7 Chants," whipping up a furious frenzy that authentically sounds transported from a '90s rehearsal tape. Then, on Side B, Black Devotion continue the demonic entrantment with a gutted slice of bestiality, pounding and punishing and hypnotizing in its ritualistic miasma, that's fittingly titled "Prophets of the Black Arts of Samael." Drink of Blakk Old Blood and feel the Black Devotion with this exclusive split 7 from Clavis Secretorvm!
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2021-12-31 7.997.99
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